Supreme Court USA SCOTUS President of the USA POTUS “lex est ratio summa”, (the law is the perfection of reason)


President Trump had the courage of the day when he told America and the world that the US Judicial System is crooked:

“Donald Trump warned voters Saturday about the “cancer” of public corruption and argued the US judicial system is like that of a “third-world country” after new reports surfaced about disagreements between top officials at the FBI and Department of Justice.”

I have been on the periphery or in the middle of more than a few judicial corruption probes where many US judges were convicted and sent to prison. President Trump was being too kind. The American Judicial System as it now stands stinks and the stench goes all the way up to the highest heavens.

Even their own top judicial officer, Supreme Court Chief Justice Mr. Johnny Roberts, had to admit against judicial interest that the American judicial system is broken. A recent article on his opinions says:

“No wonder so many people believe that the system is broken because of extreme positions, by unwise leadership that prefers politics over good policy, conflict over Constitution, power control over success as a democracy.”


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