IBM Lender Business Process Services, Inc. “LBPS” formerly changed its name to Seterus, Inc., on July 9, 2011

Consumer~Class~Action~Lawsuit Against~Seterus

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What’s The Case About?

Our firm, Capstone Law APC, is litigating a class action on behalf of property owners who entered into a mortgage loan transaction that was then transferred or sold to, or for which the servicing rights were acquired by, Seterus, Inc. (“Seterus”) and were charged late fees related to payment. The lawsuit, entitled Lopez v. Seterus, Inc.; IBM Lender Business Process Services, Inc.; International Business Machines Corp., is currently pending in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Case No. BC484297. The lawsuit alleges Seterus engaged in the following unlawful conduct:

  • improperly holding mortgage payments and then charging late fees and

  • failing to timely process mortgage payments and then charging late fees.

We believe that Seterus’s conduct as described above violates California consumer laws.

If you had a mortgage loan transaction held or serviced by Seterus at any time from May 9, 2008, until the present and would like to learn more about the case, please call us at 888.845.1266 or send an email to Be sure to give your name, telephone number, and the best time to reach you, and an attorney will get back to you soon.

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Lawyers to check out: No Guarantees, but we have information that these attorneys are knowledgeable in the defense of foreclosure cases and capable litigators who can defend the property and perhaps even gain the advantage through quiet title or other tactics and strategies discussed here. Many of them have been to one of our Lawyers Workshops and/or have a copy of our Lawyers Workshop Handbook,  but you need to talk with them directly as it always important that your lawyers understands what your objectives are and the facts surrounding your particular set of circumstances. Bear in mind that Lawyers have families to feed and mortgages to pay so you should expect to pay for professional service.  How different lawyers approach a case and their fees or billing approach is up to them.

Competent local counsel is important as they are familiar with state and local laws and procedures and various idiosyncracies unique to the local forum. We will and do collaborate with them on some cases with regard to assisting with a forensic review, legal discovery research and overall claims assessment and case strategy. Remember the old saying:

A good lawyer knows the law and a great lawyer knows the Judge.




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